My cancer story. Part 10: Some good news at last

by | Feb 11, 2019 | Cancer journey

Today was scan results day. After a (fairly agonising) week of waiting following my CT scan, we saw my oncologist this morning. The sun was shining and my appointment was on time; a great start, made infinitely better when my doctor greeted us with the words ‘the scan is good’! It seems the chemo (and hopefully all of the complementary things I am doing) are working well and most of the tumours have actually shrunk! This is the best possible outcome, even no growth would have been a cause for celebration, but shrinkage is fantastic. 

Of course, it doesn’t change that I have tumours in multiple places (liver, lungs, peritoneum, spine), which means I am in no way operable (ie incurable still), but the fact that chemo is working buys us TIME, and time, when you have a terminal illness, is the most you can ask for. 

My treatment will continue to be my current 14 day chemo cycle, although I’ll only have one more round on the triplet of drugs, then we’ll take out oxilaplatin as it can cause permanent nerve damage if used for too long. That should make the side effects easier, which will be great as they have been getting tougher each round (more fatigue, nausea, sore mouth etc). Then I’ll have another scan in two to three months to check the treatment is still working. My Doctor is also referring me for more genetic testing which I’m very pleased about, as the more we can learn about the cancer, the more chance we have of finding a suitable clinical trial in the future when the cancer stops responding to chemo. 

Having cancer is tough, chemo is tough and many days are a struggle, but today I can feel happy and grateful and positive. I can plan for the next couple of months (a hen do, a wedding and fun plans with friends are all on the cards), and bit by bit I can keep building on my ‘new normal’. On my non chemo weeks I am actually feeling pretty good at the moment, and even started the Couch to 5k running plan this week. Baby steps to getting a bit of my fitness back. Exercise is truly amazing; even just two short walk/ jogs round the park and I feel stronger and more confident with my body. 

Right, now I’m off to enjoy the sunshine with my boys (and maybe a cheeky glass of champagne later!)