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Nutrition Services

Nutritional Therapy Consultations

I see clients in person or via Skype for nutritional consultations. I am able to help with a wide range of issues, from weight loss and pregnancy nutrition, to supporting those coping with chronic illness (including cancer which is, given personal experience, a speciality), hormonal issues and much more. I do not treat or cure diseases, but help to support the body with diet and, where apppropriate, the use of supplements. I studied naturopathic nutrition for three years at the College of Naturopathic Medicine .

Naturopathic Nutriton aims to provide a bespoke approach to nutrition. One size does NOT fit all, and the entire body is considered from a holistic perspective to ensure any plan is completely tailored to the individual. 

Group and 1 on 1 lessons: nutrition in practice

I hold bespoke practical nutrition classes for individuals and small groups. These classes are for anyone who wants to learn some basics of nutrition, and how to apply them to your cooking and eating. I can also tailor to a specific health problem (e.g. diabetes/ balancing blood sugar, chronic fatigue, poor sleep, maternity/post partum, allergies and intolerances, chronic diseases). We will discuss nutrition to support your situation, I will guide you to useful recipes and we will cook a healthy meal together. Classes can be held in my home in Islington, London, or another central London location to be agreed. 

A Healthy Kitchen: Group nutrition and cooking course

‘A Healthy Kitchen’ is a short course over three sessions, introducing the basics of nutrition. Classes will include an informative talk on key nutrition topics that will help you make healthy choices in the kitchen, including macro and micro nutrients (carbs, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals) and the fundamentals of healthy eating. As a small group in my home in Islington, London, we will share a healthy, plant based dish together and finish with a discussion and Q&A each session.

Cooking for cancer

Cooking for cancer is a version of my Healthy Kitchen course in a single class for anyone undergoing cancer treatment (currently or recently), or for those caring for someone with cancer. It is a chance to learn the basics of nutrition and enjoy a healthy, plant based, tasty dish with a small number of fellow cancer patients in a relaxed and friendly environment.

For brands/organisations

Brand work and collaborations

I am always open to collaborating with health and wellness focused brands. I am available to do social media or blogposts featuring product images/ reviews, bespoke recipe creation, and styling and photography of produce (with my specialism being food). Please contact me for examples of previous brand work and fees. 

Corporate work

Corporate work

With a background in finance, corporate communications and business development, as well as my nutritional knowledge from 3 years studying at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, I am highly qualified to assist any food or wellness focused businesses in a number of areas. I can help with:

  • written/media content including articles, website content, blog posts, product reviews and press
  • photography and styling
  • bespoke recipes and menu planning
  • canteen overhauls and other office wellness advice
  • business advice including writing stakeholder documentation, targeting investors, and working out where to take your health and wellness business

I am also available as a speaker for private and public events, and corporate wellness/ teambuilding days. I speak about my journey since being diagnosed with incurable stage IV bowel cancer at 33 and how I’m using my nutritional knowledge to help myself, or on more general nutrition topics.

Please note that the information on this website is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered as medical advice and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any medical condition. Please consult your doctor if you have any health concerns.